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Grief Support During a Time of Great Uncertainty

When someone in your life dies the emotional pain and dislocation can be profound. While grief after a loss is normal and even necessary to readjust to the changed circumstances of your life, it is nonetheless consuming. The ever-changing rollercoaster of emotions makes you feel out of control. Your ability to concentrate and focus, or to take care of everyday tasks can elude you. At the end of each day you are exhausted, but still struggle with sleep through the night. And much too soon, family and friends want to move on with their lives leaving you to handle your grief alone. 


Many people try to push their grief down below the surface of their thoughts or distract themselves to feel it less. These strategies only make the grief harder and prolong its impact on your life. But you don’t have to live your grief without support. Let me guide and counsel you through the experience. Let me help you to recover and heal in a way that lets you find your footing and experience again the meaning and even joy in living.

Areas of Focus

Processing the Whirlwind of Emotions

Life & Relationship Review

Managing Daily Tasks

Expanding the Circle of Support

Tools for Recovering

Balancing Extremes in Response

Finding New Purpose

Exploring Spirituality

Mindful Grief

Continuing the Bond

Handling Thoughtless Reponses

Making Sound Life Decisions


Greater Emotional Stability

Feelings are Validated & Normalized

Understanding the Tasks of Healing

Being Heard Without Judgement

Less Inner Turmoil

More Ability to Cope

Not Feeling Alone

Greater Ability to Forgive 

Taking the Time You Need

Finding a Way to Move On

Discovering the Silver Lining in Grief

Ability to Find Joy Again

Let me guide you on the difficult journey through grief. 
Use the contact form below to set up a free half-hour consultation.

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