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Preparing for All Aspects of

Facing a life-limiting illness or a terminal diagnosis can be extremely challenging. There are so many practical issues to deal with: the need for advanced directives, questions about the kinds of care available to you, quality of life decisions, as well as the concerns of caregivers. Then, of course, there are all of the intense emotions, the psychological impact, and the spiritual questions that arise as an illness progresses and death comes closer. 


Guidance through these murky waters can be crucial—whether you are the dying person or a loved one. I can help you explore your issues and concerns, listen to the inner turmoil you experience at times, advise you on how to live better up to the last breath, and support your wishes for your final chapter. 

Areas of Focus

Exploring Care Options

Facing Difficult Decisions

Hard Conversations

Emotional Support

Incorporating Mindfulness

Exploring Life Meaning

Creating Lasting Memories

Dealing with Unfinished Business

Creating Rituals

Smoothing Family Tensions

Planning for the Last Days

Deciding on After Death Care


Feeling More Secure in Choices

Objective Sounding Board

Being Heard Without Judgement

Greater Confidence for Caregivers

More Consistency in Care

Culture is Honored

Maintaining Purpose Until the End 

Less Turmoil, Fear, & Confusion

Greater Physical Comfort

Compassionate Support

Assurance Wishes are Followed

More Peaceful Last Days 

Let me guide you through this incredibly difficult terrain. 
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