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Doula Case-Study Seminar

Analyze doula cases in a group of your peers to share ideas,
discover best practices, and grow in your role.

Are you a relatively new end-of-life doula needing to gain confidence in your work? Are you a death doula with years of experience who wants to keep improving your ability to serve? Then this seminar class is for you. We will study and analyze cases together in a collaborative, safe environment to determine best doula practices given the circumstances of each case. We will also explore how challenges in a case might have been better handled, how to deal with difficulties before they get out of hand, how to introduce new approaches to hesitant clients, and how to help clients achieve the kind of death they envision. The class will be led by Henry Fersko-Weiss, LCSW, who has 25 years of experience as a hospice social worker, death doula, trainer, and mentor.


The class will be limited to 25 participants. Each person will have the opportunity to present a case during the seminar. Henry will facilitate the sessions and give his expert input, but participants will be expected to contribute to the discussions in a supportive and respectful way, so that we learn together. 



This live virtual seminar will be conducted in two-hour sessions on a weekday over a period of 10 weeks. In each session we will analyze two cases looking first at issues or questions the presenter of the case would like the group to consider. Then we will look over other aspects of the case to consider opportunities for improving the service provided, even when the outcomes were good. We will also examine ways the doula might have worked with the client to deepen their sense of meaning in the dying experience and better align their wishes with the reality of the circumstances. 


Through this collaborative seminar you will refine your thinking about cases, learn other approaches to particular aspects of care, find new ways to support and guide your clients, and gain greater insight into your role as a doula. As we examine real cases together you will learn new approaches you can work with in future cases to expand your ability to serve. After each session you will receive a written summary of the discussion that highlights best practices. 



The seminar is spread over a period of 10 weeks (see details below)

November - February

Every Wednesday, November 30 - February 8 (Except on 12/28)

7:00 - 9:00 pm Eastern Time


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