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For Doulas, Dying People and Loved Ones, Those in Grief

Through the
Last Journey
of Life

Working with Dying People and Doulas
For 20 Years

At a time when people struggle with dying and grief, an end-of-life or death doula is a source of comfort and stability. They are trained professionals who provide emotional and practical support.

Death doulas are not medically trained. However, they can help with everything from advance directives to conducting vigil and supporting people in grief. In doing so they can also conduct a structured life review, assist with creating legacy messages and personalized rituals, and deal with quality of life issues and the needs for patient advocacy. 

As the end of life approaches, a death doula helps ease the transition for both the person passing away and the people they will be leaving behind.

The role of a doula is not limited to emotional and practical support. They also create an environment where a dying person and those close to them can feel safe to explore the spiritual side of dying. For many people, this is an essential part of the end-of-life process.


Upcoming Classes

End-of-Life Doula Training

All doulas benefit from undergoing training before they begin working with families. The training covers a wide range of topics, including how to provide support during end-of-life transitions, how to communicate with clients, and how to deal with grief and loss. 

Doula Case-Study Seminar

Analyze doula cases in a safe and collaborative environment to identify best doula practices and learn how to be an even more effective death doula under challenging circumstances. Participants will freely share their ideas and experiences with each other as they are guided by the seminar facilitator to discover new approaches to their work in real life situations.


I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) as well as a death doula. I have worked with hundreds of dying individuals and their loved ones as a hospice social worker, volunteer coordinator, and manager. As a doula I have been at the bedside of a great many people as they journeyed through the dying process. I have also maintained a private practice for 25 years, focused on helping people face death and grieve their losses.


How I Can Help You

Doula Mentoring

Helping you grow in your role as a doula


Helping you manage the journey of dying and caregiving

Grief Support

Helping your traverse the terrain of grief

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